A new radio spectrometer, CALLISTO, is presented. It is a dual-channel frequency-agile receiver based on commercially available consumer electronics. Its major characteristic is the low price for hardware and software, and the short assembly time, both two or more orders of magnitude below existing spectrometers.

The instrument is sensitive at the physical limit and extremely stable. The total bandwidth is 825 MHz, and the width of individual channels is 300 kHz. A total of 1000 measurements can be made per second. The spectrometer is well suited for solar low-frequency radio observations pertinent for space weather research. Five instruments of the type were constructed until now and put into operation at several sites, including Bleien (Zurich) and NRAO (USA). First results in the 45 – 870 MHz range are presented. Some of them were recorded in a preliminary setup during the time of high solar activity in October and November 2003.


Responsible for the EMBRACE - Callisto

Doc. Joaquim Eduardo Rezende Costa - Technical-Scientific Coordination

Doc. Nilson Sant'Anna - Technical-Systems Coordination

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Doc. Nilson Sant'Anna - Coordination

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Eng. Rubens Cruz Gatto - Coordination

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Doc. Hanumant S. Sawant - INPE

Doc. José Roberto Cecatto - INPE

Doc. Francisco Carlos Rocha Fernandes - UNIVAP

Cesar Strauss - INPE

Thiago Vieira - Colleger PCI / INPE

Khristhiano de Souza - Colleger PCI / INPE

Audye Scola - Colleger PCI / INPE



Visualization of Radio-Frequency Spectrometer Solar