The All-Sky Imager is an optical device composed by fisheye lens with a field of view of 180°, a system of filters and lenses and a high-resolution CCD camera (1024 x 1024 pixels). The instrument is designed observe the night airglow emissions from the mesosphere (80-100 km altitude) and the ionosphere (200-500 km altitude) regions, in particular the Hydroxyl (OH 700 -900 nm) and atomic Oxygen (HI 630 nm)

The OH emissions are originated from an emission layer of 7-10 km thick, centered on 87 km height, and are use used to monitor the dynamics of mesophere, manly the gravity wave propagation, while the emission atomic oxygen is coming from an emission layer, approximately 50 km thick, centered at 250 km altitude, used to observe the dynamics of the ionosphere, especially the dynamics of equatorial plasma bubbles


Responsible for the EMBRACE - Imagers

Doc. Cristiano M. Wrasse - Technical-Scientific Coordination

Doc. Hisao Takahashi - Technical-Scientific Coordination

Software Solutions (Systems and Applications of Softwares)

Doc. Nilson Sant'Anna - Coordination

Systems Integration to the EMBRACE Portal

Eng. Rubens Cruz Gatto - Coordination

Contributors for the EMBRACE - Imagers

Doc. Delano Gobbi / INPE

Doc. Ricardo Arlen Buriti da Costa / UFCG

Doc. Amauri Fragoso de Medeiros / UFCG

Doc. Igo Paulino da Silva / UFCG

Doc. Roberto Câmara de Araújo / UFRR



Monitoring the dynamics of the mesosphere and ionosphere (daily videos)

Location of the imagers


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