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In a web service, the HTTP protocol, Originally designed for man-machine communication is used for machine-to-machine communications, and more specifically, is established a communication agreement between the machines, for instance, the file format or number of parameters required. A common application by the use of the technology is the use of various web services for a web server, which compiles the content on a specific interface for the end user. The Web Application Description Language (WADL) is a language based on XML format, mainly used to describe Web Services and notify the user of possible parameters for using the service. A WADL describes therefore not the service to be provided, but the contract (input parameters) that the user must provide for its use. It also specifies the available operations or methods. In this way, you can also purchase the Brazilian Space Weather data (EMBRACE/INPE) respecting only the criteria set out in WADLs of each instrument. For access the WADLs to download files on demand, visit the related link below. Table of content
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Webservice not available. For more information or interest in receiving this service, please, contact us by email We ask in addition to send us your personal identification, also a detailed description of the activities to be developed with the related service.