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Space Weather Data Share

Space Weather Data Share


All the data collected by the Program EMBRACE/INPE are available?

Yes. All data from Space Weather collected by the Embrace/INPE Program that once had your quality guaranteed by the researchers of the Program is available for the public. Only are limited or postponed those declared in commission until their quality can be guaranteed or, via legal instrument, declared as confidential in the terms of law.

Can I share the files downloaded from the EMBRACE Portal?

No, it is not allowed to redistribute the data downloaded, independent of its purpose. Although it is open, the data provided by the Embrace/INPE Program can not be redistributed, in order to maintain traceability. Even though there is a constantly control over data quality, errors may occur on data collection or in the preprocessing. In these cases, corrections might be applied by the members of Embrace/INPE Program. And to keep the credibility, all the users which use this data shall be notified. Hence, redistribute to others compromise the quality assurance process.

In case the data is used in a document of any nature, shall it be cited?

Yes, it is mandatory to include the statement "The author(s) thanks to the Embrace/INPE Program from MCTI for provide the data for this work" in the acknowledgement of documents of any nature (manuscripts, presentations, communications, reports, etc.) which made use of the informations gathered from these data, being these documents printed or digital.