MINUTE 139th BRIEFING: 11/05/2015, 14H30

Space Weather Exhibition Room/INPE-SJC


Forecaster 1: During the last week (May 5th to 11th) we observed a partial halo CME  on May 2nd. Observations recorded a coronal hole directed to Earth at the beginning of the week. We also observed that the CME arrived on May 6th. We saw six M-class Flare and 1 X-class Flare during May 5th and 6th. These flares observed were produced by 2339 active region, which has high complexity and a big area. This region is able to produce other events on the next week. On May 11th the CH 668 onset on the solar disc and it should reach the center between May 14th and 15th.


Forecaster 2: The ACE data showed the signature of the shock on the May 6th. The cosmic rays data presented a decreasing of the number of counts on May 6th due the CME. The subsequent geomagnetic storm was not stablished because the Bz component was northward. On May 9th, was observed a sector boundary crossing, after than the Bz component turn to southward during a long period, maybe associated with this sector boundary crossing. The electron flux on the radiation belts was apparently stable during all period.


Forecaster 3: The CME arrived at the geomagnetic field caused moderate magnetic activity on May 6th with Dst index above -25 nT. This event produced auroral activity during 6 hours on May 6th. We observed a second event in this week associated to sector boundary crossing on May 9th. The Bz component of the interplanetary medium remained negative during approximately 8 hours. After this period, the auroral activity was intensified and the AE index remained around 1000 nT, Dst index reach -58 nT and Kp was 4+. The solar wind velocity oscillations observed on May 9th caused a weak geomagnetic activity measured in the ground and in the geo-stationary orbit.


Forecaster 4: The ionosphere condition was mostly quiet day. TEC data presented a strong variation on the intensity over stations of the low latitude. In this week was not observed scintillations. Plasma bubble was observed on May 10th and mesospheric pororoca on May 8th and 10th.

Minute translated by Ligia Alves da Silva

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