MINUTE OF 134th BRIEFING: 30/03/2015, 14H30

Space Weather Exhibition Room/INPE-SJC


Forecaster 1: During the last week (March 24th to 30th), some C-class Flares were recorded, among them the most intense reached a C9 classification. We observed over Southern Hemisphere a coronal hole that was geo-effective from March 25th. We did not observe any CME directed to Earth. The sunspot region (12305) remains over solar disc and its complexity is still Beta/Gama. We observed a coronal hole (CH 661) that should be geo-effective from March 30th.


Forecaster 2:  The Enlil model predicted a sector boundary crossing from March 23rd. The ACE satellite data confirmed that the Enlil forecast was corrected, because these data recorded the occurrence of the significant fluctuations in the solar wind density from March 23rd. Them, it was observed a solar wind velocity decreasing and magnetic field components intensity fluctuations. The characteristic observed in the solar wind velocity was associated with high-speed stream waning.  The GOES satellite data showed that the electron flux on the radiation belt for this week was consistent with the nominal diurnal variation associated to the geomagnetic field observed at geostationary orbit.


Forecaster 3: During this week the geomagnetic activity was consistent with quiet day for most of the week. The Embrace Magnetometer Network recorded isolated instabilities. The Dst index oscillated between -4 nT and -44 nT. The Kp index maximum during this period was 4+ and AE index maximum was 500 nT.


Forecaster 4: The ionosphere data presented a pattern consistent with quiet day. The network stations responsible for TEC map data presented the problems during this week (some stations disconnected). We observed scintillations (19h30 LT and 01h30 LT), with lower intensity than other periods during this month. The S4 index was 1.1 and the peak of maximum for F layer was between 250 km and 500 km. We observed plasma bubble in March 24th over São João do Cariri and in March 25th over all stations.

Minute translated by Ligia Alves da Silva

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