EMBRACE Application Privacy Policy

This page aims to present the privacy policy of the EMBRACE program application.

1- About the application

The effects of Space Weather affect society in several ways, in this sense the EMBRACE/INPE Program provides this App that puts in your hand the information published on the EMBRACE website as well its alerts. In this App you have access to the level of Geomagnetic Storms (from G1-Weak to G5-Extreme), which can generate induced currents in electric power transmission lines causing overloads and producing blackouts. It also shows the graph with the occurrence of Solar Explosions (from R1-Weak to R5-Extreme), which can interrupt radio communications (television signal transmissions, aircraft communication and cell phone transmissions), in addition to reducing the accuracy GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) system. It is also possible to access the latest news on the subject on the App and read the daily newsletters on weather conditions in space, published by experts in the field.

2- Collection and use of information.

EMBRACE program application can request personal information from the user during the registration process. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the data reported and recognizes its consistency.

Navigation logs can be viewed using cookies. General information on how the service was used, such as the IP address, a computing platform, language, georeferenced data, entry and download pages can be collected and stored for the purpose of usage statistics.

3- Sharing information with third parties.

The EMBRACE program does not share the information processed by the user to third parties, maintaining the confidentiality of registration data and the other confidential data collected, except when there is permission authorized by the user, by force of law or court order.

4- User behavior

The user is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data reported and will not be able to use the application in order to provide comments or offensive or illegal content, the user being responsible for any and all content uploaded, sent and / or transmitted. The user is responsible for the safekeeping, secrecy and good use of the login and passwords registered to the application. The user undertakes to notify the EMBRACE program immediately, through secure means, regarding any unauthorized use of his/her account, as well as unauthorized access by third parties to it.

5- Updates to this policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated without any prior or subsequent notice to any user. Therefore, we recommend your periodic check.

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