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Embrace Mobile

Brazilian Study and Monitoring of Space Weather

Embrace Mobile, the space weather forecast and monitoring in your hands: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.inpe.climaespacial.mobile

The effects of the Space Weather (see definition below) affect society in many ways. Many of this ways are certainly still unknown. Therefore, it is better to know the scales that the effects we know affect us. Thus, the Embrace/INPE Program offers this App to put in your hand the information published in Embrace Portal, including space weather alerts. This App will give you access to the level of Geomagnetic Storms (G1-Minor to G5-Extreme), which can generate current problems in power grid transmission lines causing overloads and producing blackouts. It also shows the graphs with the occurrence of Solar Explosions (R1-Minor to R5-Extreme), which can disrupt communications in radio (television transmissions, aircraft communications and cellular), besides reducing the accuracy of the GPS system (Global Positioning Systems). You will also have access to the latest news on the subject and you will read the daily bulletins on space weather.


Space weather encompasses the conditions and processes occurring in space, which have the potential to affect the near-Earth environment and/or the human being or the current technological assets.

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