Meeting of Space Weather Forecasters (Argentina-Brazil-Mexico)

During this week of April 15-20, 2018, the 11th Meeting of the Latin American Association of Space Geophysics is taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Among the several important areas of research that appear in the sessions list of this event, it is listed the research and development areas of new products in Space Weather. This event is therefore a great opportunity for countries that have space weather centers to meet and exchange experiences and lessons learned on regional operations. And, at the time of this event it would be no different, it is planned to take place this Friday, April 20 the first space weather briefing set between the Regional Warning Centers of Latin America (Argentina, Brazil and Mexico). In preparation and this joint presentation, the first Space Weather Predictors Meeting (Argentina-Brazil-México) took place, which was an opportunity for the presentations and approximations between several professionals committed to serving the interests of citizens in these three countries. In the picture of the fraternization after the meeting, are the forecasters attending the event.

From: Clezio M. Denardin


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