Space weather program at National Institute for Space Research (INPE) releases new data-sharing and API web application for scientific data outreach.

The EMBRACE program from INPE have just released an experimental web application intended to download data from more than 200 scientific instruments. The app is called SpaceWeatherDataShare and it is in its early development stage (beta) and the science and development team have plans to add more instruments in the future.
The whole application is a full-stack Django (a Python framework for web), and it was an attempt to modernize the traditional download application. During the beta period, both download applications in the EMBRACE website will coexist until attested that the new app is able to handle all user requests.
The users from the traditional platform SpaceWeatherMonitor will not have to make a new account (unless they want to). In order to migrate the existing accounts from the old platform, the user will only have to request a password reset for the registered email in the previous download platform.

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