SPUA – Solar Patrol Un-phased Array

Arrangement of three antennas, 1m in diameter each, with receivers in ku-band radio (12 GHz) that monitors the solar disc for the detection of solar flares. The arrangement is equipped with an automatic warning to the start of the transient in real time. This arrangement is now operational and should receive a small investment for continuous operation and data transmission to the bank’s storage project. The system is installed on the Radio Observatory Itapetinga and will connect to the Internet via fiber optic aerial to be installed by Embratel.

Its operating frequency band is centered on where the explosion has its maximum emission to facilitate the prompt detection of the beginning of the phenomenon. The technique of using three antennas results in accurate determination of the direction of emission within the disk with a resolution of arcmin. The experiment generates 7 MB / day and is compatible with a standard for transmission over the Internet anywhere at INPE. One must, however, a part-time operator for the ongoing maintenance of the instrument.