The Embrace Program

INPE, developed among other activities also, has been researching the spatial phenomena, from the Sun, interplanetary space, and magnetosphere to the ionosphere, the upper and middle atmosphere, and geomagnetism since its inception in 1964. In addition to the constant and essential scientific research activity of geospatial phenomena is growing need for information on the Space Weather from the technological and socio-economic communities.

In this context, the Program Embrace/INPE, which means “Brazilian Studies and Monitoring of Space Weather”, was established in August 2007 by a task force composed by public servants of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) to develop and operate a program of space weather.

In 2008, Program Embrace/INPE has been appointed as the Regional Warning Center of Brazil to forecast the Space Weather, member of the International Space Environment Services (ISES), an organization in which its representatives discuss and propose warning mechanisms and defense procedures technological systems for the space age. Among these, fits satellite telecommunication systems, geo-referencing systems based on GNSS systems (used in air navigation) systems flight safety, large energy systems, protection systems and satellite attitude control, etc.

The Program Embrace/INPE was also named by the Brazilian permanent representative in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as the official interlocutor of Brazil in Space Weather issues in this organization and it is currently working on new international rules regulating take-off procedures, flight and landing of Civil Aviation. Moreover, it is one of five countries in the world that provide continental maps of the entire contents of the atmosphere ionized every 10 minutes to disclosure on the website of that organization to feed the global models of weather forecasting.

Therefore, the Program Embrace/INPE program develops software products with the potential to promote social good of Brazilian society providing the determination of spatial phenomena can disrupt the economic activities of this company. It is consequently a set of innovative actions and of great scientific and technological impact that helps making government decisions, regulatory agencies and Brazilian companies.


    1. Ensure the continued operation of the space weather forecast center by establishing a stable and uninterrupted power system deployed and redundant database solution started.
  1. Install instrumentation interest Embrace program, perform data collection, archiving data and disseminate relevant information through the creation and maintenance of data collection sites deployed and data being transmitted to the headquarters of Embrace.


We aim to monitor the Solar-Terrestrial environment, the magnetosphere, the upper atmosphere and the ground induced currents to prevent effects on technological and economic activities.

Link to download the report: PROGRAMA_EMBRACE

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